Tokkuri (Sake bottle) – Madara (Mottled) Karatsu by Masahiro Kishida


This Tokkuri (Sake Bottle) by Masahiro Kishida is called Madara (Mottled) Karatsu. Rice straw ash is the main ingredient in this opaque, milky glaze which was first seen in Japan in the Old Karatsu kilns of the 16th century. The glaze, iron in the clay body, clay texture, and pine ash from the kiln fuel all interact to produce a mottled surface ranging from clear to creamy white with a range of blue to black mottling.
This work is accompanied with an order-made wooden box titled, signed and sealed by the artist.

Kishida creates all his works from scratch, literary digging soil and making cray according to traditional methods. His diligence and keen ability to pursue his own beauty, accompanies with function representing long and deep history of Karatsu ware and showing us future of creation.

Made in Karatsu, Saga prefecture, Japan